Name Sort

Really a feature request....
We have our folks in groups. Groups can be a half dozen people, or they can be 25 people. The names are currently sorted horizontally... it would be nice if there were the option to sort vertically instead. Makes it easier on the eyes to track....

Adam Ashley Becky
Crystal Dennis Edward
Fred Greg Peter

"vertical" sort:
Adam Crystal Fred
Ashley Dennis Greg
Becky Edward Peter

Thanks for listening!


  • Hi,

    It is not simple to do at all as FOP2 is a web page and the page flows as text, and works dynamically and it is also responsive, so it will have different column numbers depending on width, so a resort would be needed each time you resize, besides other functions like real time filtering will need to be adjusted and it will be slow, complicated and not worth the effort. Perhaps you can learn to use the filter box to quickly find extensions instead of browsing them by name.

    Best regards,
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