ConfBridge on Asterisk 11 with FOP2 (resolved)

Staff, good morning, do not notice English, I'm from Brazil and I'm using google translator.

One help please:

I have an asterisk 11 with fop2 licensed, I created a conference room with the confbridge application, however, it does not appear in FOP2.

Does FOP2 not have support for confbridge or do I need to do something manually?

I'm waiting.

Thank you.
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attached photo.

my confbridge.conf






  • You have to add at least the conference button definition in the buttons_custom.cfg file for FOP2. It is not possible to auto magically discover whatever people configure in Asterisk in the ways they want, as you can have configuration files with any names, or realtime configurations in databases with any structures, etc. So, the same way you added a conference "by hand" in Atserisk, you will have to add it "by hand" in FOP2 config files:


  • Okay, done as you told me.
    Now the conference appears in fop2 but when I enter the conference room, it does not update informing who is in the room.
    Anything else to do?

    See attached.
  • Perhaps the conference name defined in the fop2 button configuration does not match the name of the conference advertised via AMI events, you must be sure it matches.

    You will have to start fop2_server in debug mode ( -X 1)

    ...and look for ConfbirdgeJoin AMI events, and see what conference name is displayed there.. it must match the name put in your button configuration in CONFERENCE/whatevername

  • Based on past information, I made some adjustments.
    All without success.
    See attachment with my settings and FOP2 running.


    Thanks a lot for the help.
  • You did not follow my instructions, conference button TECH in fop2 buttons is "CONFERENCE", it is not "WHATEVER". Then you use / and the name. So if your conference is named SALA_1, then the button definition in FOP2 buttons config must be


    Best regards,
  • I'm sorry, as I said, I'm using google translator to make this contact, for that reason I do not know.

    This time I did exactly as you told me. Unfortunately it does not.

    I made the adjustment in the buttons_custom.cfg, gave a restart in fop, in fop2 administrator clicked on buttons to update, until there everything ok. When the conference room with two extensions do not appear in the conference on FOP2.

    I'm sorry to be disturbing here, but I did not find any content on the internet about confusing + FOP2. And for this reason I am archi

    I do not want to be boring, I have an example of a file in a job and one can pass me a lot of thanks.

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    In asterisk 11, when you create a confbridge, we can put whatever name it creates bridges with numbers and in ascending order.

    Ex: confbridge.conf

    Type = bridge
    Max_members = 10
    Language = en

    Type = bridge
    Max_members = 10
    Language = en


    [CONFERENCE / 1]
    Type = conference
    Label = SALA 1
    Server = 1
    Extension = 500
    Context = conference

    [CONFERENCE / 2]
    Type = conference
    Label = SALA 2
    Server = 1
    Extension = 510
    Context = conference

    So it worked perfectly with fop2
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