Access FOP2 form outside of the local netowrk

I want to access FOP2 form outside of the network. I have forwarded the port to the FreePBX and I can access FOP2 from the browser from outside of the network but it does not fully load

I'm using the URL like this

I get the attached screen but it never fully loads and gets to "System is not available right now"

Accessing FOB2 on the local networks works fine


  • Same problem here. We have fully routed private networks, but FOP2 only works correctly on the local PBX network. A trace at network level has shown that packets arrive from remote, but the fop2_server process does not respond to these requests.

    In the file fop2.cfg there is a setting to restrict connections from the same domain. However, this only applies to Flash.

    Does anyone have a solution to the problem of accessing FOP2 from different networks?
  • Did you open port tcp 4445?
  • @sanjayws asked the critical question.

    FOP2 uses "web sockets" (unless using Flash) ... and websockets communication is not over the same port as the HTTP connection. So getting to the http GUI (eg login screen) is unrelated to the FOP2 conversation with the server, which by default is initiated on port 4445.

    Note that one of the wonderful consequences of this is that you can have different tabs of the same browser logged in as different extensions. Most apps won't do this because the HTTP connection is shared between tabs... E.g., I can't log in the my personal bank account in one tab and my business bank account in another... but I *can* be extension 161 in one tab and extension 2626 in another with FOP2, thanks to websockets.
  • We have analysed the problem. Port 4445 is of course not blocked anywhere. The problem is that fop2server apparently determines the allowed networks from the firewall settings of FreePBX. If you enter the remote private networks there, even if the firewall is otherwise completely switched off, then FOP2 also works on the remote computers.
  • same problem here.
    FOP2 is running on an IP 172.22.0.X and the callcenter network at 192.168.X.X.
    The login screen does not load at all and ends up giving error

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