Lack support on your products

Require support.

Dear support, we've been purchasing may copies of Asternic and Fop2 recently and one of customer has been having issues since beginning of the year. We are using Asternic 2.2.4 and it is riddled with bugs, even basic calculations are broken. We also have odd problems with latest FOP2 such as broken extension statuses as it remains "hung", only a restart works. We also purchased support hours and even developer licenses, we do not get any responses on those too. You keep collecting money but not even giving us licenses or procedure to use those (devel) license and proper paid professional support.

I understand bugs happen but we are not getting prompt support from your organization and its hurting our customers and their business and ours as well. We feel that it's a hit or miss with support, sometimes you guys reply most of the time not. It's like we have to gamble with these two products. You always claim that you do support but its not the case, i tried contacting you on google chat, email, facebook, twitter, you name it, you either don't respond or tell us to contact a non-responsive support channel.

My questions are:
1) Are you guys still committed to continuing these products and supporting them?
2) How do we gather proper and prompt support from you for long standing cases as well as current ones?

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