Call History seems to crash server

We have FOP2 on a couple different server configurations. The first is a single server and the other is an HA configuration. What we have been experiencing is the server will stop taking calls, stop allowing calls, and eventually hangs. We also see a lot of phantom calls in that it will show far more active calls than we have agents. We are running the latest versions of FOP2 and FreePBX 13.

What we think we have found is that CPU utilization will start to get very high and then eventually the server experiences the symptoms above.

This all started about two months ago when we started to have more than 50 agents using FOP2. Looking at some metrics, we feel that the Call History plug-in is causing the high CPU utilization.

Does this make any sense or do you have any other suggestions. If this is a problem with call history, is there something we can do to reduce the resources it consumes?
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