Question on Revoking Licnese(s)

I have a Full License and a few add-on ones too -- but where I have them is on HiFormance which has decided to close. I have access (for now via the IP address) to the old box but my question is: Do I need to revoke ALL (add-on ones and Full) Licenses or just the full License, and if All -- in which order? I have FOP2 on my new box but need to move the license(s) fast before the HiFormance goes kablooey. If I can't get them out fast enough I'll need manual revokations, but don't want to do that if I don't have to.

Help appreciated. Have a Happy New Year.


  • New update -- old system is now completely dead so a Manual reset of my full license and all of my add-on licenses are required. I will have to find them all on my old computer and request the manual revoke as the reply did not come in time. Thanks anyways -->Asternic support here I come.
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