Panel Manager doesnt see users

Firstly this is TOTALLY my fault I know - I had a running installation on FreePBX distro upgraded for to then decided to investigate iSymphony, disliked it intensely and tried to revert to FOP2 but havent been able to:

  • When users log in to FOP2 the red "Manager Connection Problem" appears
  • fop2_server --test says "Connection to Manager OK"
  • When I log into the Panel Manager as admin there are 0 users, groups etc i.e. unconfigured
  • Recreate Users gives "0 users added"
    So I believe its best to wipe FOP2 and all associated elements then re-install? As a linux noob how do I do this? (tried to simply reinstall over the top but this hasnt worked!)


  • Hi,
    You can edit /var/www/html/fop2/admin/config.php and enable DEBUG and SQLDEBUG, then in browser you can open the javascrxipt/developer console and inspect debug messages there. It might give you and idea of the problem... It is not simple to figure out what is wrong, it could be mysql credentials being incorrect.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks Nicolas - I suspected sql credentials but didnt know how to look deeper!

  • hi! How did you solve this? I think I might have the same issue.... @OPAdmin

  • trying to run on FPBX 15 and it doesn't create the users...

  • I think I fixed it already, will work out of the box on 2.31.27, otherwise edit config.php and set mysql credentials by hand.

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