Can't find DND plugin on FOP2Manager

Hi all!

Recentlly installed FOP2 and all works fine. I have a Yeastar S300 and installed it in a server apart without problems. But now I need to configure presence buttons in order to make changes on Asterisk as I press them. Something like active DND on pbx/extensions if I press the pause button.

I read that there's a plugin named presenceDND that you need to install, but can't find it on FOP2Manager. There is a large list of plugins but not these. Actually, my FOP2Manager doesn't charge nothing. I created all extensions_buttons, users, etc. writing with command line because if I create them on graphic manager, changes didn't save. In fact, my buttons and users that are working dont appears on the php manager.

Please, can u help me with that issue?


  • Hi,

    That plugin will work with FreePBX or Issabel, it won't work with Yeastar. Every configuration backend might have their own way to set presence/dnd. I do not know how Yeastar handles that and if it can be interfaced with FOP2 via AMI, in some cases it is not possible, it all depends on how it is implemented on the pbx side.

    Regarding configuring things manually, I advise agains that. If you create a database and configure credentials correctly for the FOP2 Manager, then the only thing you have to create manually is the buttons_custom.cfg file, then whatever you write there will be shown on the FOP2 Manager buttons page... All the users, permissions, groups and plugins should be handled and woriking directly from the FOP2 Manager..

    Best regards,

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    first of all thank you for the response. I have the next lines in the config.php:


    And have installed Asternic CC stats in a CentOs server and all works there. As I can see dont have any "fop2" database but I have the user fop2 created. So, shall I create a new database with new tables? Or can use the "qstats" database created that Asternic uses?

    Best regards,

  • You can use any database, you could use the qstats one if you want, be sure that the fop2 mysql user has all privileges granted for that database, so fop2 manager can create the tables it needs.

    mysql -u root -p e "grant all privileges on qstats.* to fop2@localhost identifed by 'somepassword'"

    And then set $DBPASS='somepassword'; and $DBNAME='qstats';

    Best regards,

  • I am also having this issue, however I am running FreePBX. The "Queue Pause from Presence box" is showing (not installed) but the dnd plugin is nowhere to be found on the plugin list.

  • I should also note I am running a licensed version 2.31.19

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