Fop2 Panel Showing Stale Extensions

Context: running FreePBX with Fop2 (ver 2.31.16)
I'm seeing extensions in the fop2 panel with names for people who are not around anymore. I have seen multiple fixes listed in this forum for that, but they don't seem to be working.

  • For example, when I run the synchronize labels from FOP2 Manager, it runs without issues, but the extensions in FOP2 panel are still old.
  • The info for the extension in FOP2 Manager is correct though
  • I checked the fop2buttons table in the DB and it also shows the correct user.
  • Finally, I also checked the extension in Asterisk, and it has the correct info.
  • So it's pretty consistent everywhere, except in FOP2 panel
    What am i missing that it doesn't refresh in FOP2 panel.
    Is there another refresh labels option somewhere that I'm missing?
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