Monitoring 2 devices with 1 button

I've 2 devices associated to one fop2 button (PJSIP/42999 and PJSIP/9042999).
The hint state is the same independently of the available device (one of them or both).
freepbx*CLI> core show hint 42999
42999@ext-local : PJSIP/42999&PJSIP/90 State:Idle Presence:available Watchers 0

The problem is that only when 42999 device is available, the fop2 panel shows it available. When 42999 is unavailable and 9042999 is available, the panel shows the 42999 unavailable.
The button config is this:

Whats wrong?


  • Any hint about what's wrong in my configuration? Why the behaviour is different if the hint status is the same?

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