Doubt about purchase

A few days ago install FOP2 (on FreePBX). The free version to try.
Everything works perfectly, but we have doubts about the limitations of the trial version and expense forecast for the upgrade to the payment version.

My company is a Call Center with 80 agents...What do i need for this?

x1 FOP2 White Label FULL => 100$ for 5 Allowed Tenants... and for the rest of the agents? I need "5 tenants Upgrade" for the remaining 75 agents?
75 agents / 5 = x15 tenants Upgrade (1.500$)

is that so?


  • Hi I will help here "Tenants" refers to a Multi Tenant system where the service is shared between clients
    You just need 1 licence @ $100 if you want it white labeled
    You may want to look at some of teh free or paid plugins as well though


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