How to see active incoming SIP calls list under the "Trunks" group?

We've been using DAHDI analog lines until now, finally just got a SIP trunk service over fiber. With DAHDI, when a call came in on a line, FOP2 would display the active DAHDI channels in a list in the Trunks group. I am seeing no such activity with incoming SIP calls. Outbound SIP calls show up there, just not incoming.

What can I do to duplicate the functionality we had with the DAHDI channels? It's really nice to be able to see all of the channels in use at a glance. Thanks.


  • Add then as a "Extra Channel" for example for iax IAX2/trunkname

  • Thanks for the reply, but that doesn't seem to work. It's a SIP trunk named "Charter_SIP".
    I set the extra channel to PJSIP/Charter_SIP but it still only shows outgoing calls there. I also tried SIP/Charter_SIP and it's the same.

  • Hi , watch your asterisk console screen, to see what the channels is . When I get a chance ill look at mine

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