Fop2 in raspberry pi 3

I have a raspberry with raspbian stretch 9. I have some difficult to transfer call with button in pannel.
This is te log at fop2: <= <msg data="12|blindxfer|2|d97427664fc47cd48c41d0b23e257df0" /> -- PROCESS_FLASH_COMMAND origen 12 accion blindxfer destino 2 password d97427664fc47cd48c41d0b23e257df0 VALIDAR USUARIO 1230@GENERAL validate password using key fWBNzrNMD5kSlGL2DBUVVxbi4t6x VALIDAR USUARIO 1230 OK con clave regular ( Validation ok, have all permissions for all buttons (0) 2 It's blessed into class FOP2::Extension ++ GET SERVER for SIP/1230 = localhost It's blessed into class FOP2::Extension Not a reference at all No bridged channel to perform BLIND TRANSFER
this is the button.cfg:
[SIP/1230] type=extension extension=1230 context=default label=Comercial group=Geral channel=SIP/1230

this is the config user:


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