FOP2 on Separate Server connecting to Vanilla Asterisk 16.9

I am running FOP2 on a separate server and have it communicating with my asterisk server. I see the connection in the asterisk console. I am able to manually setup buttons and user on the fop2 admin page and see the users show up in the fop2 database on the fop2 server. I am able to use the buttons and users to call and receive calls and have started playing with different plugins and options. I am very close to wanting to buy the product for my company however I am stuck on 1 thing. I cant seem to get the autoconfig scripts to function and I believe that is because they are looking on the local server for /etc/asterisk/. So I cant load my 1000 or so sip users from the /etc/asterisk/sip.cfg file. Also I cant seem to autoconfigure any buttons. I know I get only 15 free so I was expecting that if I got it running I would see 15 on my web ui for fop2. Is there some tweak to the autoconfig-users and buttons scripts that I could use given I have Vanilla asterisk and am running fop2 on a different server. I also tried running them on asterisk but it doesnt know where the fop2 databse is so it just errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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