Adobe Flash end of support on December 31, 2020

Hi, folks, We have one concern regarding the Adobe flash, our understading :
Flash will be completely removed from all browsers by December 31, 2020, via Windows Update. Group policies are available for enterprise admins and IT pros to change the Flash behavior prior to that date.
more info here
Hence, How FOP2 will continue working, ? what is the plan?


  • Same question here. As I assume exists with most users. Thanks for asking.

  • Hi, same Q here but I see there was never a real answer, did any of you get feedback on this?

  • THe end is near and no answer. Well this was called FLASH operator Panel 2 so maybe when Abobe Flash goes the way of the dodo so will FOP2. I have used this for years but if no movement on migrating to an HTML5 standard to do the same thing, well it's time to start looking for a different panel for Asterisk/FreePBX then. Too bad too. This was worth paying for.

  • Maybe I'm missing something but fop2 already uses HTML5??

  • Confirmed by the developers......

    Conversation started on : Monday, July 20, 2020, at 21:31 (GMT+0)

    [21:32] Fraser: Name : Fraser. Email : Fraser@********.****
    [21:32] Fraser: Hello?

    [21:40] Agustin has joined the conversation
    [21:40] Agustin: Hello

    [21:41] Fraser: Hi
    [21:41] Fraser: Can you confirm if Fop2 uses flash and will be subject to issues when flash is disabled ?
    [21:42] Fraser:

    [21:42] Agustin: well...what FOP2 has of Flash is the name right now
    [21:42] Agustin: the name was inherited by FOP1 made totally on flash code
    [21:43] Agustin: but FOP2 uses HTML5, ajax, and web sockets for communication
    [21:43] Agustin: we leave flash communication in case websockets fails but right now websockets are stable since several years
    [21:44] Agustin: so the software does not need Flash to work

    [21:44] Fraser: I thought that. Thank you for confirming.
    [21:45] Fraser: I will update that post with this chat transcript as I know you guys are not very active on the forums

    [21:45] Agustin: yes...quite a lot to cover really...

    [21:46] Fraser: Thanks Agustin
    [21:46] Fraser: Hope you and Nicolas are safe and well

  • So why after turning off flash in chrome did my panel stop workingh and bring up the message Adobe Flash Required? Why is that message even there if it runs on HTML5?

  • Is port 4445 accessable?

  • I was getting this on botton right : Could not connect to port 4445 using flash xmlsockets protocol

    This worked up until I told Google to turn off Flash, now I can't get it back -- Plugin Blocked. But IF FOP2 IS HTML 5 turning off flash should not have affected anything. I did pay a maintenance fee and attached to my license on an older box - revoked the whoke main license and reinstated on my NEW box only to find out the maintenance key did not migrate and is now unuseable. OH well. No more panel for me it seems as I can't get it back and it says Flash required.

  • Are you using HTTPS?

    If so, you must be running fop2_server 2.31.28 or higher otherwise fop2 won't load at all (HTML5 or Flash) with Chrome due to a recent update where they depreciated TLS 1.0.

    I had to update 6 of my fop2 servers just this morning as many of our users couldn't connect.

  • I just found the Update command. I thoght I WAS on the latest, I may have been on 2.29 -- now on 2.31 and all is good again -- thanks for the tip -- I don't mind supporting programs I use on a daily basis (mainly the VisualVoicemail) so $20/year is not much to ask. I think Ive been with FOP2 for 6 years or so now.

  • I'm glad you got it sorted. So, just to confirm, it's now working with HTML5 and with Flash disabled?

    I run two call centres with fop2 and over the past 4 years we heavily rely on it. I've learned the in's and out's of it now (with the help of both Nicolas and Agustin).

    The only negative remark I have about fop2 is the lack of support and communication. Even just looking at this forum you can see there is little to no support (why they don't just close the forum is beyond me as they obviously haven't looked here in months and months!). Live chat is the only way you can get help from the developers, if you can catch someone that is! For anyone looking to use fop2, my advice would be to learn how it works as you might be on your own with it if there's an outage until you can get help from the live chat!

  • This is a very helpful discussion and others can benefit from it, so whether the deloper or the users answer the question, it is still a useful resource.
    One question I have: How do you tell which version of FOP2 is currently installed.
    I THINK I have 2.31 installed and if so, based on above, I am good, but I'd like to confirm that (prior to Dec 31).
    Is there a CLI command ?

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    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v

    It's also displayed on the home page of the admin panel http://PBX-Server/fop2/admin

    Only fop2_servers of 2.31.28 and above use TLS 1.2, so if you use 2.31.27 or lower, then you will need to upgrade your fop2_server otherwise things will stop working once Chrome self updates.
    There is a red warning notice on the homepage of about this.

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    @Fraser said:
    /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v

    It's also displayed on the home page of the admin panel http:///fop2/admin

    Only fop2_servers of 2.31.28 and above use TLS 1.2, so if you use 2.31.27 or lower, then you will need to upgrade your fop2_server otherwise things will stop working once Chrome self updates.


    Thank you for the quick reply. In my case, I cannot use the admin page since I manually configured everything. I run FOP2 on one server and point it to the PBX on another server.
    The /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server -v command works fine.

  • @Ramblin you can hit /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --help to get all possible options you can hit with the binary.
    Also we have the knowledge base and our website documentation and help.
    We are inmerse constantly in our family software to offer improvements and new features., we try hard on offering support for our clients in the best way possible.

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