FOP2 is truncating the secret value limit to 20 characters w

We recently had strange login issues for our new FOP2 installation.
We kept getting "Invalid Credentials" when we copied and pasted the automatically generated secrect value from freepbx version FreePBX
For instance "977a62f2b1fdf25a58a24133bf11876e"
We would have to log in and reset the value in the admin section before the user could log in again.
If FOP2 service gets restarted then logins would fail again until the value was reset.
When I checked the stored value in FOP2 against the stored value in freepbx.
Freepbx: 977a62f2b1fdf25a58a24133bf11876e
FOP2 : 977a62f2b1fdf25a58a2
I see that the value is being truncated.
Could you please update the size of the stored secret in FOP2 to match that of those used by freepbx.

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