After restarting or refreshing the fop2 queue Agents status unpause

Hi guys
i installed fop2
agents pause the queue when it unpause itself after refresh fop2
Why is this happening?


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    Have this problem too!

    Agents going mad because they set themselves to "OUT TO LUNCH" (or busy or whatever not available) but if anyone refreshes their FOP2 panel, or simply log in FOP2 (because their shift started), all agents are unpaused and their status is AVAILABLE and their phones start ringing.

    This DOES NOT HAPPEN to agents that are logged out (or closed their FOP2 panel) - we have "Pause on Logout" enabled, their status remains showing as OUT-PAUSED but everyone else resets to AVAILABLE.

  • Hi,
    The only plugin that can log out an individual agent from a queue is the queue_login plugin. Do you have that plugin? If so, it will work like this:

    • Agent John logs into FOP2
    • Queue Login will automatically Login that agent to the visible queues (if configured to automatic login, otherwise agent will be prompted to which queues he desires to log).
    • Agent John Pauses himself
    • Agent John refreshes the FOP2 page

    At this point, the refresh will close the session, and the queue_login will remove him from the queues automatically if agent does not login in the next 30 seconds. If the refresh is fast (as it usually is), then it won't be removed from queues. A queue removal will leave a trace in queue_log file so this can be easily checked.

    Now, if you remove an agent from a Queue in Asterisk, it will lose any pause state it might had before, so if the Agent was paused, and removed from the queue in paused state, once it is added again to a queue, that pause state won't persist. So it will be logged in back in available state.

    Now, from your description, you say that anyone refreshes the FOP2 screen and all agents are unpaused. This just cannot be triggered by FOP2 itself, as FOP2 only performs automatic login/logout for ONE agent IF you have the queue_login enabled for that agent. So, if that is what is really happening in your system, it is NOT an action triggered from FOP2

    Many other things might be happening, perhaps you think that changing presence in FOP2 is pausing queue members, when that is not really the case in a default installation, only if you have the Queue Pause from Presence plugin, that is not installed by default. The other plugin that will work with presence is the Presence DND plugin that will set FreePBX DND state in the asterisk database. In both cases, refreshing a FOP2 server or web page won't alter any of the actual Agents states in Asterisk

    My suggestion to you is to disable all FOP2 plugins and leave the absolute minimum that you really need or want, I have seen many installs where users install everything because they are there, and many plugins will conflict with each other regarding state. My other suggestion is to look at actual asterisk states via the Asterisk CLI, and see what changes when you reload things..

    asterisk -rx "queue show"

    Inspect the output when you have paused agents, then do whatever reload you do that is making them unpause, and then run the same command asterisk -rx "queue show" and compare outputs.

    Best regards,

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    Hello everyone, please note Nicolas fixed this bug for me in the latest patch - GREAT SERVICE!! :-)
    (test edit)

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    good to hear that. Any information on the patch version?
    BTW. there seems to be forum bug. I was able to edit your message ;-)
    (test edit: Yep, bug seems to allow edit of others! :-)

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