FOP2 not running after upgrade

I am running a FreePBX distro with FOP2 Manager - Version 1.2.0. I purchased the basic license so I could see all my extensions. After registering the license I saw that the admin panel had an upgrade available so I used the interface to proceed. After the upgrade was completed, I got this message on the top: FOP2 Server is not responding. Be sure the service is running!

I have combed through many different threads to try and find a solution but I am at a loss. I have restarted FOP2 (service fop2 restart), I have rebooted, and still same issue.
When I run: pgrep fop2 it gives me nothing (goes to next line on CLI)
Please help so I can get this running again as all my employees are remote at this time and I am flying blind.

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