WebRTC Plugin No Audio

Good Morning,
I have installed a WebRTC Browser Phone on FOP2 on Issabel Server
I have lets encrypt cert
I have followed this guide http://www.fop2.com/docs/webrtc_guide.php and now when i use fop2 it register the extension and can make calls and receive but there is no audio in both ways, Speaker and mic from the WebRTC Side, and when checking the call record i can hear the sound of the softphone
the calls ends in 30 secs
I am on Issabel with Asterisk 11 and fop2 latest version
also i noticed that the browser show me Not Secure connection when i go to https://mydomain.com/fop2/
while it show me Connection is secure for https://mydomain.com/...
also i found iceConnectionDisconnected in console
what should i do to have the audio working form the webrtc side on both ways?


  • I have the same problem, in my case the virtual machine is behind a NAT.

  • Hi,
    I believe you need to add your certs in the fop2.cfg file (i had to).
    In your fop2.cfg file local the lines below and edit them so they match .

    It maybe that your certificate names aren’t as below, In that case substitute webserver.XXX with the correct file names.

    ; If you access fop2 via https, browsers will try to use wss (Secure
    ; web sockets) and for that it requires a certificate file and key file,
    ; the same ones you have in your web server configuration. Be sure to
    ; specify the correct certificates, the defaults are the ones for a
    ; regular Centos installation:

    Thats its. Restart service and Fop2 will now work over HTTPS

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