Fop2 queue agents show DND

I'm running FOP2 version 2.31.27, FreePBX version with asterisk 16.6.2.
I have a queue with 3 agents which all works fine and FOP2 shows the queue and all three agents. However, once an agent uses the DND feature on their extension, the queue agent status icon changes to show DND. However, after agent removes DND and they again taking calls, queue agent status icon stays showing DND. I have tried restarting FOP2 server service, flushing browser cache, tried the FOP2 Presence changes DND plugin, querying asterisk database:
asterisk -rx "database show fop2state" 0 results found.
and I still cannot get the status of the agent in the queue to change. So, not sure why icon is never changing back to reflect available?


  • It looks like an issue with the FOP2 Presence Box DND Integration. If this plugin is enabled in FOP2 and a user sets their extension to DND, FOP2 sets their presence to 'Unavailable' or the DND equivalent in FOP2. When the User disables DND on their extension, FOP2 status does NOT update, and this FOP2 presence status of "unavailable" prevents them from taking calls in the queue. If I set the extension to Available in FOP2, they can again receive calls in the queue. For now, I have disabled this plugin to prevent this from happening.

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