Queue box not showing

My installation:
CentOS 64 bit from ISO SANGOMA with FreePBX 15 and Asterisk 16.
FOP2 2.31.27 - FireFox browser (MacOS Catalina)
Asterisk, FreepBX and FOP2 (currently not licensed) are functioning and installed correctly.
Unfortunately, the queue box to the right of the fop2 panel does not appear.
The menu that appears at each extension also displays only SEND EMAIL, SEND SMS.

In Panel Manager the list of buttons is complete and synchronized with the configuration of FreePBX. I tried to configure groups, permissions and templates. I tried to reinstall FOP2 by first deleting files, and database tables.

I run the command
which displays all extensions, queues and trunks. Also in Panel Manager, the PLUG-IN and SETTINGS icons on the left sometimes don't appear ...

php /var/www/html/fop2/admin/update_conf.php 1

Before purchasing the license, I wish everything worked ...

Thanks, Daniele.


  • The free version has a limitation up to 15 buttons. Disable some extensions in Panel Manager -> Buttons and see if other buttons appear.

  • Thanks, you're right! Too many extensions and queues cause problems if you don't have a license.

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