WebRTC phone plugin

I have installed the WebRTC phone plugin, configured and all works just fine, I am able to place and receive calls within the panel using the phone, but the phone only shows a green and a red button. I have seen pictures online where the phone has a picture of a handset inside the green and red button but mine does not have anything inside, just a red and green button, am I missing something or is this the design of the Phone now?
Below is a pic of how my phone looks like

If this is not design related how can I get the little handset pic inside the buttons?


  • Same issue, if i check chrome logs seems that some css files are missing don't know why...

  • Hello, can you please tell me how to make it work? I cannot make a call in any browser, and the number 99XXXX is also not registered.
    What needs to be checked?

  • And in particular, does this plugin work in conjunction with FreePBX?

  • Same issue here. It was tested with diferents browsers and inside/out the Lan

  • wephone RTC completely grey for me :(

  • I solved it with pay license

  • @maxx
    WebRTC for us works in conjunction with FreePBX v14 and FOP2 Version 2.31.25. It stops working if we upgrade FOP2 to 2.31.29 so we have to stick to 2.31.25.
    If we upgrade FreePBX to v15 Call History breaks in FOP2.

    Kind regards,

  • @maxx still true that Call History breaks afte FOP2 upgrade. but now we managed to upgrade to FreePBX v15 and later on upgrade FOP2 from v 2.31.25 to 2.31.29 while keeping FOP2 WebRTC working.

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