Chrome fop2 extension: popup content not showing

The fop2 chrome extension (v 2.0.0) does not display the content that is returned when calling the URL
in 'popup content'. It used to work fine but now it displays generic popup content "Ïncoming call - Chrome Fop2 extension"

The 'Fop2 Extension options' -> 'Popup settings' -> 'popup content' field contains :{CLIDNUM}

When I use this url in Chrome like
my cgi produces :

Content-type: text/html

Mr. J. Doe is calling from 1234567890

The Popup link works fine, as does clicking the popup balloon.
Has the format changed? Which content will the fop2 extension accept?


  • SOLVED: Nothing changed in the fop2 extension. For some, unknown to me, reason the script failed, resulting in an internal server error when called by the fop2 extension. Restoring a backup versions of the script solved the problem.

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