Chrome Version 84.0.4147.89 Breaks FOP2 https Connections

Hello, as of the latest Google Chrome update (version 84), we can no longer load https connections to the FOP2 web page. Http is still working normally. We believe this is related to the large list of depricated items in this update, as we are able to load the FOP2 website normally via https on older versions of Chrome from the same location.



  • I am having the same problem. The strange thing is, the problem doesn't seem to be across the board. My Chrome is running 84.0.4147.89 but I can access FOP2 fine. However, a few of our clients on the same version of chrome are running into the ssl problem.

  • Chrome Users!
    The latest Chrome update (version 84) disabled/deprecated TLS version 1. FOP2 version 2.31.27 or older won't work with Chrome 84 via HTTPS. You must upgrade FOP2 to at least version 2.31.28 to get it working over HTTPS with latests versions of Chrome. You can upgrade FOP2 with one command. If your license is older than a year, you should purchase the annual software maintenance for the upgrade to work.

  • Same issue here. http is a work around for the moment. https was working in chome prior to this update.

  • PS Additional note. The same change seemed to affect a recent version of firefox. It too suffered from broken secure websockets with fop2 after their recent update however at the time I thought maybe it was a "them" thing instead of an "us" thing. Now that the same effect has happened in Chrome perhaps the issue is how the secure sockets are set up in fop2?

  • Thanks everyone for the confirmation and tips! We are going to look into renewing licensing on our end so that we can update FOP2 and will let you know how it goes. :)

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    Fixed my issue instantly... silly thing is, the main website has a banner about this issue - I didn't check the main website I came straight to the forum ;-) oops! all better - thanks Nicolas! (& agudino!)

  • Hey, just wanted to chime in again to say that agudino's recommended fix to get a new annual maintenance license and upgrade to the latest release worked like a charm for us, and https access is back up in Chrome now. Thanks again!

  • Well...yes...the fact is that FOP2 versions 2.31.27 and lower support only TLS v 1.X that Chrome just removed from its new version. And FOP2 2.31.28 and upcoming supports TLS v2.X.
    TLS support it is always suggested, but mostly when you visit the site (in this case FOP2) from WAN.
    If you use FOP2 on LAN only, then you can remove TLS support for FOP2 and still connect fine without the need to upgrade it.

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