I presence icon - when a green ball is not just a ball?

I see something odd. I've noticed some extensions do not seem to show the call display of the line they are on - in some cases the button is orange while the status shows line inactive. Then I noticed a difference in the presence icon:

Or zoomed:

I don't see any mention of this in the user guide. Does this have a meaning?
Did I misconfigure something?


  • When the issue happens, the line1 does not show the ringing call, and the button only turns orange if the call is answered.
    Otherwise the voicemail envelope may start to blink while the caller is in voicemail. I don't know for certain if the difference in icon appearance means anything. Appreciate anyone's ideas. Thanks!

  • ok one more thing I noticed. The agent that has the checked ball shows orange when on a queue call, but doesn't show the "i" information icon - I can see they are on a queue call because the queue box / buttons have a clock indicating the active call. Again this only seems to affect a few extensions. I don't see any mistakes in the button definitions so far. Thanks.

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