Cannot get FOP2 to start

new install on centos 6 32 bit. install completed just fine and applied license just fine, but will not start.

When running --test get the following:

./fop2_server -test
Flash Operator Panel 2 - White Label Version
Flash Operator Panel 2 - Valid License (/usr/local/fop2/fop2.lic)
Flash Operator Panel 2 - Featureset: Basic
Flash Operator Panel 2 - Allowed Tenants: 5

and then it just sits there, have left it for over 30 min and never moves forward. Manager User/Pass/server/port is good. Confirmed temp folder has execute permissions.

./fop2_server -version
fop2_server version 2.31.28

We use SSL, so have the correct path to ssl files. have this same version of FOP running on other servers with out issues, but cannot get this one to work.

Debug shows nothing. when running, shows the version and then just sits there

./fop2_server -X 3
Flash Operator Panel 2 - White Label Version

Any thoughts where to go next?


  • forgot to add, confirmed firewall is not blocking. stopped iptables, same results. can telnet to asterisk manager from same system without issues. if put in a bad ip/port for astierisk manager, get same results. it just hangs. should give me an error about connecting to manager would think.

  • Did you add custom ports on the firewall, i am assuming you are using freepbx. check attachment

  • Not using freepbx firewall. Using iptables and stopped iptables to confirm, as well as, can telnet to asterisk manager as well as port 4445.

    So i just removed the FOP2 folder and reinstalled. Get the manager connected and service starts now as expected.

    FOP2 manager allows to configure users/buttons, etc. Now when logging in get a blank page with no buttons, no toolbar buttons, etc. Only the small header at the top. When starting server in debug mode, dont see anything that looks off. See all the manager connections and log showing where i connect. Thoughts?

  • At the FOP2 Manager, do you see data? buttons, users?
    Executing :
    do you see some output?
    maybe have fop1 running ? check it by executing:
    netstat -lnp | grep 4445
    the command will tell which task is listening into that port....if at the end of line says : fop2_server then its ok...if says /perl then it is fop1

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    Yes in the manager, see all the buttons, users, groups, trunks, etc. Can make new groups, disable buttons, etc. just no affect on the /fop2 site

    So fop1 is not running. Confirmed with netstat -lnp. Has fop2_server as the process.

    as for get the following
    Problem connecting to mysql

    ! Cannot connect to FOP2 Manager database


  • is fop2 installed in the default web directory?
    autoconfig files looks for different distribution files (you can edit it an see that) to detect your GUI / Asterisk distribution and use that database information to connect to the FOP2 Manager database...if not files found, points to /var/www/html/fop2/admin/config.php that should have the correct mysql credentials as you can see the buttons and other stuff in FOP2 Manager.
    Is it plain Asterisk your distro or is using a GUI like FreePBX or ISSABEL?

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    We are using FreePBX, but it is all installed from source. Asterisk 11 and Freepbx 2.11

    It is installed in the default wed direction /var/www/html/fop2

    So if using FreePBX didn't think needed to edit the config.php as it looks for the freepbx files and uses those?

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