FOP2 not loading on VPN

I installed a new firewall this weekend and am now seeing an error using the Flash Operator Panel over the VPN. I've seen this error go by during connection attempts "Could not connect to port 4445 using regular websocket protocol" eventually results in just "System is not available right now" everything else seems to be working(all the other webservers, I can connect to the pbx and even the admin UI for the FOP) but not the FOP UI that the agents will need. Has anyone else run in to this? I'm just using a standard pptp or l2tp(I've tried both) vpn on a mikrotik CRS1036


  • I ended up resolving this, the issue was the firewall on the pbx(oddly I could get to the pbx, and the FOP admin UI but it was blocking the websocket connection) adding the vpn range as a trusted network(which the old vpn range was) solved the problem.

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