Can't register FOP2

I want to uninstall and reinstall fop2 because i'm having some odd issues where buttons won't display. I read through the forums and see there is no uninstall script and just to reinstall. I attempted to run my install scripts again but when it comes time to register I see an error:

Could not contact registration server, please try again later. at /loader/0x19f1 c80/FOP2/ line 631.
Thoughts? The system is able to download the fop2 fine prior to the error


  • This post is now two week old and I am still unable to activate or revoke service.

    I migrated servers and need to move the license.

  • ran the upgrade command on the old server, and I was able to revoke.
    wget -O - | bash
    But on the new server, it would still not register from the command line even after running the upgrade command.
    Tried to register from the GUI and it worked.

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