Is it possible to install fop2 on a separate server and configure it just by editing the files, with

Is it possible to install fop2 on a separate server and configure it just by editing the files, without
connecting it to the Asterisk mysql database?
We bought a fop2 license to use it on the same server where freepbx is installed, however, now we will no longer use freepbx, however, we will use a new system also based on asterisk.
The problem is that in this new system the database and tables have been completely modified by the developer, as he uses PHP AGI almost exclusively for Asterisk functions.
Both the settings part and the storage part of the CDR records.
So, would it be possible to install FOP2 on a separate server providing FOP2 with only Asterisk AMI access, making all the configuration only through the FOP2 configuration files?

Would it be necessary to install the mysql server on the server where FOP2 is installed and create a database and tables for FOP2 use only?

I tried this, but when I enter the FOP2 admin and click on "users" or "buttons", the system hangs and keeps loading indefinitely.


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    Hello everyone, I come to inform you that I was able to install FOP2 on a separate server and integrate with the customized Asterisk.
    I'll leave the step by step for those who need it:
    Note: Special Thanks for the help given by Nicolás Gudiño via chat.
    1- I prepared the Ubuntu 18.04 server as follows:
    1.1: I installed the prerequisites:
    apt update && apt upgrade -y && apt install -y make php php-sqlite3 php-mysql php7.2-xml mariadb-client mariadb-server openssl net-tools dnsutils netcat
    2- I edited the file /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg informing the data of "AMI definitions" (manager_host, manager_port, manager_user and manager_secret) for the Asterisk server (
    3- I edited the file /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg adding the following line to the end of it: buttonfile=buttons_custom.cfg
    4- I edited the file buttonfile=buttons_custom.cfg manually including the buttons for extensions and queues (
    Note: After editing the file buttonfile=buttons_custom.cfg, it is necessary to access the FOP2 admin page and enter the "buttons" menu, so that FOP2 creates in the database the buttons manually added to this file buttonfile=buttons_custom.cfg.
    5- Finally, just restart the FOP2 service: systemctl restart fop2

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