Errata in guide?
"It might happen that you do not see the above entries in the mini-HTTP server section. If that is the case, and only if you do not see the HTTPS options on Advanced Settings, you will need to manually insert some entries into a MariadB database. From the command line, copy and paste this command to do so (this is for Issabel Systems only. Have your MariaDB root password handy as you will be prompted for it.). Again, do not do this if you were able to setup the previous step:"

mysql -u root -p asterisk -e "INSERT INTO issabelpbx_settings VALUES ('HTTPSBINDADDRESS','','HTTPS Bind Address/Port',2,'Address and port to bind to for HTTPS. Default is','text','','',0,0,'Asterisk Builtin mini-HTTP server','',0,0),('HTTPSCERTFILE','/etc/asterisk/keys/cert.pem','Certificate file',2,'Full path to certificate file for HTTPS.','text','','/var/lib/asterisk/keys/localhost.crt',0,0,'Asterisk Builtin mini-HTTP server','',0,0),('HTTPSENABLED','1','Enable HTTPS support for the mini-HTTP Server',1,'Whether to enable HTTPS support for the Asterisk HTTP interface. Default is no.','bool','','0',0,0,'Asterisk Builtin mini-HTTP server','',0,0),('HTTPSPRIVATEKEY','/etc/asterisk/keys/priv.pem','Private key file',2,'Full path to private key file for HTTPS. If empty, default is to look into certificate file for private key.','text','','/var/lib/asterisk/keys/localhost.key',0,0,'Asterisk Builtin mini-HTTP server','',1,0);"

cert.pem or asterisk.pem ¿?


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