When using FOP2 dial no audio between FOP2 users.

We have been using FOP2 (white label and all plugins + asternic Pro) for years now and never had a real issue but the need to restart every 2 hours for the buttons to clear.
Now with the new FOP2 version 2.31.29 we have a really big issue with calling between FOP2 users.
When a user calls another user via the dial button or thru the number box for dialing his client rings, then he/she picks up and the dialed other user is being dialed and the other client rings.
But when picked up on the other end there is no audio and on the asterisk CLI the user thats calling seems to hang up but the call stays connected with no audio.
When calling from client to client without FOP2 the call does everything as it should do and there is no issue with the call, also when dialing an outside number no issues.
When picking up an incomming call and then pathc the call thru to an external number via the dial out box there is also no issue, not even with a call transfer.
Just the calling between logged in users via FOP2 is an issue.

Please advice.


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