Active Zulu extension does not show as Registered in Extensions

We have a user with a Zulu account. Static member of one queue, and Dynamic member of another queue. Extension shows grey in the Extensions widow, active in the static queue, and unavailable (red circle) in the Dynamic queue. I suspect these are all related to the use of Zulu and not registering. There is another similar discussion last modified earlier this month, but I can't get to that discussion when I'm logged in. It's titled "Zulu Extension on FOP2 showing Unregistered". No apparent solution so far.


  • I also have an observation on this issue. We have setup FreePBX with Active Directory integrated authentication. Our Zulu users login using their AD account. I suspect there's an issue here with association between the user, and the extension. Our FOP2 users login with the same extension, but use the "Secret" stored in both the extension, and FOP2 panel.. Something is not associating the Zulu endpoint with the extension correctly.

  • HI again, So the main issue of the Registered status for us is the Zulu user is a Dynamic member of a queue. The system flags her as unavailable in that queue. Our work around is to make her a Static member of that queue, and then control duty schedule by pausing the extension in this queue. NOTE: we can not see when this extension is in use because FOP2 has no association with the extension and the zulu end point.

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