Problem with "Popup Link" Fop2 ?

Hi Guide, i have using the fop2_server version 2.31.28 . I have great some user before to using on Fop2 Extension on Chrome(for click to call and popup link), it was perfect.
But now i create more user Fop2 and them(new users) can't "popup link" . I was try 2 method :
1. set link popup on Fop2 extension --> not work!!

2. set link poup on web : http://ip server/fop2 (Preferences>>URLNotification >>Ringing) --> not work!!

while the old user (create before) work perfect (popup still working).

My Question: Is there any limitation the number user fop2 in the popup link ? Or my Fop2 Server of mine error?
I think Fop2 not sent variables(#{CLIDNUM}, #{CLIDNAME}, #{UNIQUEID) for the new user i create.
Please Help me in this case.
Thanks All


  • Just leaving this as an anniversary answer :-|
    No, there is no limitation on how many users are triggered the Popup URL.
    This is most likely a blocker or the clients (browsers) are not using the same plugin version.

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