Working with Zulu only users

We have a number of users who don’t have desk phones and only work with the PBXact softphone Zulu UC.
We have worked out how to set the Originate Channel for those users to be the PJSIP/90XXX channel so they can originate calls to zulu, but we are unsure how to manually change the button to show to state of the softphone extension.

I have read tested the
$ZULU_COMBINE = false;
This then created all the 90XXX buttons which allowed us to see the softphone status, so we can then manually create groups of users to make it all look ok, but my question is, is there a way to configure the button to show the state of the softphone PJSIP/90XXX (rather than the state of PJSIP/XXX) when using $ZULU_COMBINE = true;


  • Some ideas I have are to have a tick box beside the "Extra Channel" box in the advanced button menu. This tick box allows you to make the extra channel become the channel that the button displays the state of. i.e. Busy, Away, Available, Offline etc.

    Or go a bit further and if the extra channel is configured, then the button displays both the main channel and extra channel s half the button each.

    When originating a call there could be two icons beside the Dial box. Icon 1 would originate the call to the main channel, and the second icon originates the call to the extra channel.

  • edited July 2021

    To keep everyone updated, splitting the zulu users away from their standard extensions didnt work well as clicking the button to dial or transfer calls to tried to dial the zulu number of 90XXX. Although im sure we could strip away the 90 via custom context code its still a very messy solution. We have now gone back to using using $ZULU_COMBINE = true;
    I have emailed support asking about where to find or set "group channel registration status", as I believe this should solve the "zulu only" users showing as offline.
    PS - im now aware this has been created in the "Plugins" area, im unsure how to move it to support, or if I can delete the post altogether to re post in support.

  • So it's now working - while reading more through the website I decided to run the command to upgrade FOP2 to a new version. Just in case a newer version had come out since I installed the PBX and FOP2 a few weeks ago.
    sudo wget -O - | bash
    Looking back through my command history I used this command below to install so I'm pretty sure I was on the latest version.
    wget -O - | bash
    Anyway, reinstalling the FOP2 system via the upgrade command fixed my issue and Zulu users with no deskphone are showing as online.
    Hope this helps someone else.

  • I have this same problem ,even after update my extension is grey out, not showing activity.Do you have any extra addinonal info in the
    advanced fields... for the zulu desktop extension , i have changed config .php to
    $ZULU_COMBINE = true;
    My FOP is 2.31.30.

  • I'm still having the same issue as Adam. I don't know if this is related or not, but what I've noticed in my deployment, is that when I view the output from 'pjsip show extensions' the endpoints that show something like this: "Endpoint: 906961/6961" do not show the correct status in FOP2, and the endpoints that show something like this: "Endpoint: 906965" do show the correct status.

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