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I want to update the extension names (cidname) from our CRM application. I want FreePbx, asterisk and Fop2 to be updated when admin changes staff name in CRM. We do the update process with a service application running on Linux. On the FreePbx and asterisk side, the transaction is successful. However, the update is not successful on the fop2 side.

I am doing the following;

  • Update asterisk.users table.
  • Update asterisk.sip table.
  • Update asterisk.devices table.
  • Update asterisk.fop2buttons table.
  • Update "/etc/asterisk/pjsip.endpoint.conf" file
  • Reload Asterisk (asterisk -rx "core reload")

How do I change extension name in Fop2?


  • The output of "autoconfig-buttons.sh" seems to be updated. However, the web interface (http:///fop2) does not show any updates. Where does the web interface read the labels?

  • Interesting. I just changed the name of an extension, and so far, I believe I have changed the name everywhere, except the button. In the web admin interface for fop2, the name is changed, but on the web interface it still shows the old name. The queue this person is in also references the old name.

    I'm at a loss. It has to be a database entry. I searched the files in the config directory (by directory, I mean /etc, /var, and /usr) and nothing references the old name.

  • You need to reload fop after the fop2buttons table is updated.
    Fop does not keep a state based on the DB contents. If data changes in the DB, fop needs to reload.

  • Another thing to note that most of the times dazzles people. FOP2 will rename button labels to the queue member name if that extension is a queue member. FreePBX does not renames queue members when you rename an extension. You must regenerate the queue configuration for the queue member name to change also. Most probably your issue has to do with that (queue members are still "old" names, you can verify with asterisk -rx 'queue show' on the command line).

  • How does one regenerate a queue configuration?

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