Update Button Labels

I want to update the extension names (cidname) from our CRM application. I want FreePbx, asterisk and Fop2 to be updated when admin changes staff name in CRM. We do the update process with a service application running on Linux. On the FreePbx and asterisk side, the transaction is successful. However, the update is not successful on the fop2 side.

I am doing the following;

Update asterisk.users table.
Update asterisk.sip table.
Update asterisk.devices table.
Update asterisk.fop2buttons table.
Update "/etc/asterisk/pjsip.endpoint.conf" file
Reload Asterisk (asterisk -rx "core reload")

The output of "autoconfig-buttons.sh" seems to be updated. However, the web interface (http:///fop2) does not show any updates. Where does the web interface read the labels? How do I change extension name in Fop2?

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