Defining a context when uploading a CSV to contacts

I have a multi tenant installation intended for customer use, this is currently on version 2.31.28
When uploading a list of contacts as a CSV, it would appear that I am required to include a "context" field in the CSV and populate this with the context name appropriate to that tenant, otherwise the contacts are added to the database with no context and are unavailable via the front end. What concerns me is that there doesn't appear to be any checking on what you put in the context field, and indeed in my testing I was able to log in as one tenant and upload a CSV which populated the contacts for another tenant by using their context name in the file.

I find it difficult to believe this is the intended behaviour of this feature, so must assume I have misconfigured something or discovered a bug. Why does the CSV upload method not take the context name from the user you're logged in as, and simply use that when inserting new rows to the table?

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