FOP2 with FreePBX and Advance Recovery Module

Hi everyone,
we have a scenario where customer having two freepbx server and using advance recovery module from sangoma to setup sort of high availability.
the advance recovery module is not really HA and each pbx has their own IP etc and at each pint of time one of them would be active.
would like to check if we can use fop2 on external server and link to both servers, how would be queue agent usage? we use fop2 for agents to login to queue and monitor queues.
Thanks in advance


  • Hi,
    It should work as long manager credentials and manager_host remain the same no matter the server/role. The only thing you will lose on a remotely FOP2 server is access to recordings, unless you configure some kind of shared volume for them (outside the scope of fop2 itself). If you do not use voicemail explorer or access to recrodings, then you won't miss anything in particular, queue functions will work the same as on a local server instal.

    Best regards,

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