what am i doing wrong?

trying to get freepbx running with FOP2 in a test environment so I can potentially install it for a customer. I ran the commands, the admin panel says that FOP2 is running. but I can't access FOP2 it just keeps trying connection attempts. I tried accessing fop2.cfg and tried to change the SSL certificate information but that file tells me permission was denied. I did stop the service before trying to access the file. any help or direction is appreciated.




  • If you get "permission denied", maybe is because you don't have the proper file permissions.
    Try running commands with sudo, eg: "sudo vi /......"
    You don't need to stop fop in order to change its configuration, you can change it and then restart fop.
    Fop reads config files /db data , during start time.

  • For troubleshooting connection attempts from browser, you can open the Javascript console in the browserr and look for errors/messages there. That will give you an idea on what could be wrong (like port TCP/4445 closed, or problems with the SSL certificate).


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