Second Dial from dashboad adding ; after phonenumber

When you try to dial with a second line Asterisk receives a ; after the phonenumber from Fop2.
Example: Executing [318800XXX00;@internal:1]
How can we fix this?


  • Important additional information:
    Call one dial a number from the dial box and hit enter, the phone rings and calls the phone number without a problem.
    When you want to transfer the call and use the dial box and hit enter, the second line won't start because there is a ; after the phone number.

  • Hi, first of all, upgrade FOP2 to latest version. Then check the parameter atxfer_append_digit in /usr/local/fop2/fop2.cfg, set it to zero and see if that fixes the problem. (That parameter was introduced on version 2.31.30, that is why you must be sure are using the latest version).

    Best regards,

  • Hi Nicolas,
    Thanks for replying,
    We are using the latest version, and changed parameter atxfer_append_digit to zero and restarted de fop2 service. The problem is not fixed.
    Kind regards,

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