Call History Plugin (An error has occurred Unknown field: calldate)

We are activated the call history plugin, the plugin is shows an error:
An error has occurred
Unknown field: calldate

To activate the Call History (not the Plugin) we changed config in: var/www/html/fop2/calldetailrecords.php
We are using now: $datefield = 'start';

//$datefield = 'calldate';
// MiRTA PBX uses a different CDR schema where the date field
// is named start. If you use MiRTA uncomment the following line:
$datefield = 'start';

Do we have to change other config for the plugin?

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  • The plugin is distinct from the regular callhistory, look in the following folder:


    You will find a callhistorybsgridmirta.php file, you might want to copy it over as callhistorybsgrid.php

    That way you will have the start field instead of calldate in that plugin

    Best regards,

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