Urlencode issues with ambersand

I cannot get ambersand to get escaped with urlencode
I have the callerid superfecta running.
Customer name has '&' in it. "E&E Engine Machine" by the time the url only the 'E' before the '&' survives as the customer's name.
Here is my popup link declaration.{CLIDNUM}&cname=#{CLIDNAME}&exten=AUTO

and the PHP@ that url

<?php /*************************************************************************** ** Php code to insert mysql popup data for gambas to continue ** with building the bridge from freepbx/Fop2 to ASSET SCULPTOR applications ** mainly launching and creating order entry transactions. ** JRM, Halloween 2021 ****************************************************************************/ $phone= substr($_GET['phone'],-10); $cname=urldecode($_GET['cname']); echo $cname; echo "<BR>"; $exten=$_GET['exten']; $cusname="CallerID is ".$phone." ".$cname; echo ""; echo $cusname; echo ""; $_cname = str_replace(',', ' ', $cname); $username = "?????"; $password = "???????"; $database = "?????"; $mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", $username, $password, $database); /******************************************************************* ** first lets see how many accts tied to the phone number ** query customer to get the acct# where the phone number is ** in the main record cus_acct, then select distinct cus_acct from ** customer where cus_commID=cus_acct ********************************************************************/ $num_accts='0'; $cus_acct='None'; $cus_commID='None'; $query = "select cus_acct from customer where cus_phone='".$phone."'"; echo "$query"; if ($result = $mysqli->query($query)){ $num_accts = mysqli_num_rows($result); } echo $num_accts; while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { $cus_acct = $row["cus_acct"]; $cus_commID= $row["cus_commID"]; } echo "deebugcommID=".$cus_commID; // Now how many Accounts echo $num_accts; $query = "insert into cidDelivery (acct,accts,exten,phone_num,cname) values ('".$cus_acct."','".$num_accts."','".$exten."','".$phone."','".$_cname."')"; echo $query; $result=$mysqli->query($query); echo "DONE"; ?>


  • Hi,
    I am about to release version 2.31.31 with a fix for that bug. Check the donwload page in the following hours, the command to upgrade your FOP2 installation is:

    wget -O - http://download.fop2.com/upgrade_fop2.sh | bash

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