Cannot dial from some of the extensions even if configured similar to WEBRTC formats.

We are using Issabell server. Here we integrated fop2 with issabell. In some of the extensions, the fop2 dialer is blank, even cannot call will the top bar dialer. The extensions are also not showing live. Even if new extensions are created as WEBRTC extension, they are also having the same problem. Even all the exertion's in PBX are not showing in the extension list of fop2 panel.
From your information we are using:

  • fop2_server version 2.31.32
  • the ssl certificates are also configured.
  • Cannot restart the server as its a live server. So we used the following command
    sudo asterisk -rx "manager reload"
    sudo service fop2 restart

Any there any way to reload all the services without restart?
And how how can this issue be resolved? any suggession will be highly appreciated.

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