Call pickup or dial defaults to Sangoma Mobile app

We just set up the current version of FOP2 on a remote server from our FreePBX server and have everything working but running into an issue when I use any of the options in FOP2 to pickup a call, call an ext, or use the chrome click-to-call plugin. When I use one of these options the call goes to my extension on my Sangoma connect mobile app instead of my desktop phone before it calls out.
I am 99% sure that when I was testing this new FOP2 deployment over the last couple of days it was actually ringing both but now it just sending to mobile app only. If I use the mobile app to pick it up it will work as expected but we don't want to to default to our mobile phones.

Does anyone have any suggestions on why this would be?

FOP Version 2.31.32
FreePBX Framework14.0.16.11
Asterisk 18.12.1


  • Looks like it will only ring the first registered endpoint in the list. The one with "rinstance" is the registration is form the Sangoma Mobile app and the second one is the desk phone. If the desk phone is the first one in the list then it will ring that one.
    Not sure if this is can be fixed?
    Endpoint: 100/100
    InAuth: 100-auth/100 Aor: 100
    Contact: 100/sip100@159.xx.xx.xx:64478;rinstance= xxxxxxxx Avail 71.162
    Contact: 100/;ob xxxxxxxx Avail 27.120

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