Outbound calls with FOP2 and new firewall (fortigate) are silenced

Recently we changed our firewall from checkpoint to fortigate and we have a very strange behaviour. When we make an outbound call from FOP2, if the customer (destination) delays to pickup the call (after 20-25 seconds), the agent and the customer can't hear each other (rtp wasn't established?).
From the firewall perspective, we have disabled any inspection for the sip/rtp traffic, but if I understand correctly the traffic is over ssl (through 8089 port ?).
When I call from a soft phone (without web socket) and wait for ~25 secs to pick the call up, the call is fine.
All incoming calls (auto answer through IVR from freepbx) are fine both from FOP and soft phones.

We are trying to troubleshoot, but because of the ssl traffic we can't find much information. Any ideas?

Is there anything to do with x-ast-orig-host ?


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