Dynamic gents logged in a queue never show up


When a dynamic agent dials the feature code to log in a queue it works in Asterisk, receives calls and everything.
But visually on fop2 it shows the queue is empty. The agent receives the queue calls normally.
Does anybody have faced such an issue?
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


  • im making lots of calls, now im playing with pause and penaltys on queues, i am using 2.31.04 for raspberry, version 2.31.32 is not working for me, i can say that in version 2.31.04 im using what you ask works perfect for me, can log in manually with addqueuemember app from dialplan and remove from fop2 or viceversal, some config can cause you to log by name in fop2 and by channel with addqueuemember, but it is diplayed on fop2 correct.

    try another version for your arch....

  • Hello! Thanks for the tip.
    Is there a way to change the version without uninstalling the fop2 and without erasing the files?

  • just take another version and make install, it will install fop2 with the version you want, and keeps you the configuration files, like fop.cfg, config.php and admin config.php

    you can make a back up of folders and just rename them to go back deleting the new ones created reinstalling

  • maybe you can check queue button is correct configured

    [QUEUE/guardia] -----> guardia must be the same you have in queues.conf, name of queue

  • in asterisk
    defaultrule = myrule
    timeout = 320
    retry = 5
    timeoutpriority = conf



    login, same => n,addqueuemember(guardia)
    logout, same => n,removequeuemember(guardia)
    dial queue, same => n,queue(guardia,r,,,320)
  • Yes it is working when the user is added or removed from queue by the addqueuemember on fop2.
    But when the user dials *45 from its phone, he can logs out/in from the queue as well.
    What happens is that, when using the *45 it works one or two times, then it stops working.
    But the problem is only visually on fop2. When the user uses *45 to log out/in on the queue it works in asterisk, so he calls will respect his queue status.
    Visually on fop2 the queue shows always empty btw.

  • i have a similar problem in version 2.31.32, i can make calls, but no activity on panel, so cant pick up, etc, on version 2.31.04 is working perfect, so try another version!!

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