Button info AccountCode not updating when data removed in FreePBX/PBXact

Hi, I have read in other posts that the buttons data doesnt update automatically and I may need to call a url/script manually.
If we add or change an accountcode in a FreePBX/PBXact extension it updates ok in FOP2 - Buttons - Advanced view. The problem we have is if we remove it from the FreePBX/PBXact extension, it doesnt remove the data from the FOP2 button.
Is this is fault or do we have a url/script ti run to update this? We have tried recreate users, reload panel, and sync labels. We have rebooted the PBX before but onw that we have ran the recreate users I will reboot it again tonight to see if it makes any updates.
Latest version of PBXact, PBX Version: 16.0.33, PBX Distro:12.7.8-2302-1.sng7, with Asterisk Version:16.30.0, and FOP2 2.31.30

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