fop2 offline activation

hello, howdy?
I don't have PayPal or other valid bank accounts or credit cards. Now I'm going to buy a FOP2 Regular Voicemail license , via another company that provides us "Paypal payment service", these kinds of companies catch us cache money, and instead of us buying our orders.
I will give them my email address to register it when they are going to press the order button on the page and on the next page they insert their card information such as email and...
could I have a successful purchase accordingly or not?
if your buying page after each payment redirects to the registration code and don't email it redundantly, my purchase follow will fail and I can't reach the registration info, if not and you send me the registration and license information to my email in parallel it will be acceptable (of course if I could register my fop2 panel via this information that you email to me...)


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