No Extensions menu popup

hello guys im testing the FOP2 Full license for my company, we have purchased the White Label license
we have FreePBX as Backend and seem to be the latest version of FOP2, we already upgraded the panel from the free version but we having the issue that there is not manu on the user/extensions buttons like the one explained on the user guide

is there any way to activated or deactivate this ?

any debug to be done in case it is an issue ?


  • i have found this on me browser console does anyone knows how to solve it ?

  • Did you ever find a solution? I am getting this same error.

  • Hi,

    If you are using the latest version as of today (2.31.36), try the following to see if it fixes the issue:

    cd /var/www/html/fop2/js
    mv fop2.js fop2.js.orig

    Then clear cache and reload your FOP2.

  • Thank you! Will this be fixed in the actually release file then?

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