Queue Agent Transfer to VM hangs up

This is a new-ish install. I have extenvoicemail setup with @ext-local, which was done automatically. Works fine as long as it is not a queue call. If the call comes from a queue and transfer to voicemail is attempted, the call is disconnected. I cannot seem to figure out why this is. Hoping someone here has an idea.
I've tried to enable debugging, but I'm not getting a debug log anywhere, either.

FreePBX on Sangoma Linux release 7.8.2003 (Core)
/etc/sysconfig/fop2 contains OPTIONS="-d -X 511 /var/log/asterisk/"


  • Figured out the transfer problem. Wasn't FOP at all - it was my custom override in the dialplan. Why I can't get FOP2 debug working is another issue, but I'm moving on for now.

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